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Bit, Bat, Bee: Rime with Me!

From the publisher:
Teach word patterns to emergent readers using this terrific resource!
Includes reproducibles to teach word families to new and striving readers.
Easy to use, tied to national standards, and targeted to all students struggling to make adequate yearly progress (AYP) in reading.
Reviews basic consonant sounds, blends, and digraphs.
Includes take-homes for parents to provide reinforcement at home.
A companion to the ABC Follow Me: Phonics Rhymes and Crafts, Grades K-1, which teaches phonics, this new book moves to the next level and teaches rhyming phonetic chunks, or word familites. It is a valuable resource for any teacher, librarian, or literary coach who teaches beginning reading. Teach rimes through verses, crafts, and other motivating age-appropriate activities in these short, easy-to-usem hands-on lessons and reproducibles. This resource could be a staple for those who work with emergent readers.