Linda J. Armstrong

Writing for Children and the Wonderful People Who Help Them Learn

Selected Works

Preschool and Primary Activities
Word Patterns and Activities, Grades K-3
Action rhymes, easy crafts, and lively activities teach the alphabet.
Lively chants and coloring puzzles to help young children learn to count.
Phonics Activity Books
Enjoyable puzzles and activities to reinforce phonics skills. Separate volumes for grades 1, 2, and 3.
Reading Comprehension Activity Books
Eleven original mystery stories with activities
Idea Books for Teachers
110 seasonal art ideas using standard school supplies.
Social Studies Activities
History worksheets and activity suggestions for elementary classrooms
Junior Fiction
A novel about dogs and friendship for girls ages 8-12.
A collection of poems. Bellowing Ark Press, 1995

Tanya's Desert Star

From the Back Cover:
"If only Tanya could wish upon a star . . .
She would wish for a best friend whom she could keep forever, for life to be good and not always so disappointing, for her tomorrows to be brighter than her yesterdays.
So . . . one magical summer, far away in a golden desert,
she finds that all she ever needed to wish for became hers--"
Tanya's Desert Star